About Us

About Us

Reach Certification Pvt. Ltd. is established in 2011 for providing certification services for the product certification and system certification as per the international standards. In the field of certification in Gujarat state of India is one of the leading firm.

It is providing products certification for Machinery directives (M.D.), Law Voltage Directives, (L.V.D.), Electro Mechanical Directive (E.M.D.), Pressure Equipment Directives (P.E.D.), Construction Material Directives (C.M.D.), Personal Protective Equipment Directives (P.P.E.), Gas Appliances, Lifts, Measuring Instruments, Packaging & Packaging Waste, Toys Safety, Recreational Crafts, Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments, restriction of hazardous substances(ROHS).

Reach Certification Pvt. Ltd. Is working since last two years in the field of certification across the India and having more than 500 satisfied clients. It has 7 offices working at different places to reach the client base. It is sound with 18 expert technical executives to meet the customers needs and value added audit services.

REACH CERTIFICATION PVT. LTD. (RCPL) is engaged in the Audit and Product Certification as per EU directives,

Notes: The planning of the audit is based on the classification of the product under scope of certification, the classification of the product can be identified by referring the appropriate annexure of the directive (e.g. as per medical device directive ,MDD 93/42/EEC, Annexure IX can be referred to know about the classification & article 11 can be referred for identification of the conformity assessment procedure), in machine directive ,the annexure 4 is referred the evaluate whether the machine does not fall under that annexure.

 The common conformity assessment module used to certify the product by RCPL is module ‘A’ which is internal production control, which focuses on incoming inspection, in process inspection & final inspection of the medical devices along with the technical file assessment.

 The technical file is assessed for its content by referring the guidelines given by appropriate directives. The reports/documents review report is prepared by referring directives as a check list for the product under scope of certification.

 RCPL has adopted the following principles as the basis of the certification and inspection activities

• Transparent in their certification, inspection and training activities •

• Conduct them with impartiality, free from biases or pressures •

• And Independent of other commercial interests •

• Takes certification decisions based on objective audit data to add credibility to the certification activity in the market. •

RCPL has a Committee to Safeguard Impartiality in its activities. This committee comprises of senior managers and professional from diverse walks of life from organisation certified by RCPL as also others. The purpose of the Committee is to oversee the operations of RCPL and ensure that they are in consonance with the stated objectives.

Management Principles:

Impartiality: RCPL shall remain impartial for providing Audit, Certification & Third Party Inspection Services in a way that the decisions shall not be influenced by other interests or by other parties.

Competence: RCPL shall ensure the competence of our personnel and demonstrate our ability to apply knowledge and skills, while providing Audit, Certification & Third Party Inspection Services.

Responsibility: RCPL shall remain responsible for its decisions, while providing Audit, Certification & Third Party Inspection Services.

Openness: RCPL shall provide public access to, or disclosure of, appropriate and timely information about its Audit, Certification  & Third Party Inspection Services.

Confidentiality: RCPL shall abide by confidentiality requirements to any proprietary information gathered about a client gathered, while providing Audit, Certification,  Third Party Inspection Services.

Responsiveness to Complaints: RCPL shall ensure fair and transparent handling and effective response to complainants for all the complaints related to its Audit, Certification,  Third Party Inspection Services.

RCPL shall always ensure an appropriate balance between the principles of openness and confidentiality, including responsiveness to complaints, is necessary in order to demonstrate integrity and credibility to all users of our services.

RCPL shall always be committed to continually maintain highest standard of business ethics and professional integrity in all its activities across the organization.

As Top Management Team of “Reach Certification Pvt. Ltd.” we declare our total commitment and support to abide by RCPL Management Principles.